Saturday, July 7, 2012

Storm Warnings

I woke up early this morning to rumblings of thunder off in the distance.

Unable to get back to sleep I headed downstairs and drew back the living room window curtains.

You know, it's interesting, living in this day and age.

So much heartache all around us. One friend was agonizing recently over all the people around her who are dying of cancer - and so very young.

Crazy weather patterns, violent storms, hurricanes, tornadoes in places where they've never been seen before. Floods, stifling heatwaves, massive fires encroaching on cities.

And it's interesting the language being used to describe them:

epic, historic, unheard-of, of biblical proportions, record-breaking etc., etc.,

What I saw from my living room window reminded me of those words. I have honestly never seen clouds like this before, and moving at such a rapid pace. It was calm outside, barely a breeze, no rain, no lightning...just those ominous rumbles overhead. Somebody, somewhere, was about to get a major storm. There was severe thunderstorm watch being called for "cottage country" - north-east of the city.

I also just heard that there are over 200 flood warnings due to heavy rains forecasted in the UK today.
Thinking of, and praying for, my family and friends there.