Saturday, May 2, 2009

Laughing Out Loud

I've been given an assignment --

to write about laughter.
I've got some great ideas in mind -- but I thought you might like to help me.

First -- what makes you laugh?

Is it listening to a good joke?

Hearing from a special friend?

Being with someone you love?

Watching a sitcom together?

Or seeing your favourite team win?

Do you laugh when someone tickles you?!

I'd really like to hear about what makes YOU laugh!

(or -- maybe you don't laugh very much)


  1. I have to think about this one. It's not as simple as it may seem. I'll get back to you.

  2. I've been thinking about this one. All kinds of things make me laugh -- and then there are different kinds of laughs -- giggles, chuckles,and of course roaring with laughter. I read somewhere that a true joke, visual or verbal will lead you on to expect a certain conclusion, but then turn the tables and give you a totally unexpected one. The best joke I remember in our family is when Glyn was about five. We were watching a sort of slapstick comedy for children. Suddenly the clown-like lady lost her wig. Glyn was so shocked and surprised that he doubled up laughing. I can still see his face now. So funny!

  3. They say that laughter is a surprise emotion. That pretty well describes its pattern with me. The trouble is, I can always see the punchline coming. So sometimes something else completely offbeat hits me and then I'm the only one laughing.

  4. Thanks, ChrisJ, for your comment. It's true that kids do sometimes say the darndest things, and love to make us laugh!

    Thanks Paul; I'm with you -- it takes a lot to make me laugh, and often, when I do, I am the only one laughing.

    Well, apart from you two, it seems I am pretty much on my own for the article! But I am enjoying the research, and you will see by my next blog that there are a couple of things that at least 'tickle my fancy!'


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