Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where Do You Find Refuge from the Storm?

Small Harbors

We need small harbors in our soul
where we can slip out of the sea
to wait a moment and be whole.

A book, a poem, a song may be
enough, some exercise, a walk.

A time of solitary labor,
a dog, a cat, a garden, talk
shared with a passing friend or neighbor,
sometimes the merest human touch.

A silent prayer is such a place --

Small harbors may be nothing much,
but ah, they have a saving grace.

(James Dillet Freeman)

Where do you go in a time of trouble; when you need shelter from the storm, or just a little peace and quiet?
What is your favorite 'small harbor' -- a sunset, a special verse, shopping?

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  1. You know where mine is -- the patio! That photo looks like Norway.


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