Sunday, November 1, 2009

Smart Farmer and Wise Words

A farmer bought an new car after spending a lot of time pricing them.

By coincidence, a few days later, the dealer who sold him the car appeared at the farm and said he would like to buy a cow for his small country place.

The farmer quickly wrote the following and handed it to the dealer:

Basic Cow: $200

Extra Stomach: $75.00

Two-tone exterior: $45.00

Produce Storage compartment: $60.00

Dispensing device -

four spigots at $10.00 each: $40.00

Genuine cowhide upholstery: $125.00

Automatic fly swatter: $35:00

Dual horns: $15:00

Plus Tax and delivery: $595.00

Total charge: $1,190.00

(author unknown)


It can buy an education, but not wisdom.

It can buy a house, but not a home.

it can buy a bed, but not sleep.

It can buy food, but not an appetite.

It can medicine, but not health.

It can buy finery, but not beauty.

it can buy amusements, but not happiness.

It can buy gifts, but not love.

It can buy employees, but not loyalty.

It can buy attention, but not respect.

It can buy a fine funeral, but not eternal life.

It can buy a lot of earth, but none of heaven.

It can buy some people, but not God

(author unknown)

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  1. Cute but true, Kay. Barry had a good time with all you folk. Tell Boyd, Barry thinks he is a very sweet and charming little boy as well as polite. He is a credit to his Dad.


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